Rhythem is a concept for a dating and social networking mobile app, that allows users to find matches through their musical preferences. Users can link external music profiles such as Spotify, to import their listening data and playlists.

Quinn Tully-Doyle // UX Designer
Nico Iglesias // Software Developer
User research, UI development,
Prototyping, User testing

My team

My role

Brands researched for competitor analysis

Problem space               

Simply search for ‘dating’ on the App Store, and you’ll find yourself inundated with a ton of options. A sore spot for many users is that even with all these options available to them, most apps behave like mirror copies of one another with only a handful of distinguishing features.
"Dating is hard, especially with the advent of the internet and more recently, dating apps."
The surplus of cookie-cutter options gave my design team an interesting lead into the social problem space that is our current online dating market. My team's objective for the design process was to prioritize a personalized and creatively engaging user experience.

Through multiple sessions of brainstorming and topic mapping, we decided to focus on the ways in which music interacted with digital and social spaces; ultimately we decided on developing a dating app that would allow users to find partners through shared musical preferences.

User Research               

We conducted user interviews with 5 qualifying participants to gather insights about their current process navigating online dating, and other social behaviors.
To begin our user research, our team distributed screener surveys for the purpose of finding relevant and potential users. Some of the assumptions we generated about our users were heavily based on competitive market research, and our screener questions were used to filter out for the ideal user base.

Some qualifying factors for our participants were current or past usage of dating social networking apps/ websites, a strong interest in music or concert attendance, and the use of an online profile for music streaming.
Users found it hard to make meaningful or real connections based on online dating profiles. They also found they spent too much time on dating apps because they were unable to quickly find compatible matches. However, most user felt hopeful about dating apps because they knew someone in their social circles who had found successful relationships using apps.
Most of the users interviewed mentioned bonding with friend and loved ones by sharing music. They believed shared musical interests could play a significant role in connecting with people. They described themselves as being open about the kind of music they enjoyed, as well as bearing strong opinions about certain types of music they found offensive.

Users often...

On dating apps...

“It feels like a waste of time spending hours trying to meet someone online and then they end up having completely misrepresented themselves, and what they like to do".
Our next step was to synthesize the data and insights collected from user interviews to create our persona, a representative amalgamation of our ideal user. We reference the persona to inform our design decisions, and to determine the scope and focus of various features.


Pain Points
• Difficult to filter out profiles
• Superficiality of social media applications

Connects with people over music
• Deletes social apps periodically
Develop meaningful relationships
• Find people who share a passion for music

Shared interests and passion for music
• A more efficient way to meet compatible people
Age 31
Software Engineer
Samuel is an avid music lover working in NYC, who has grown discouraged due to his lack of success at meeting new people on social media apps.
A low fidelity, clickable prototype was first produced for initial usability testing.

5/5 users succeeded in accomplishing the first task of creating a new Rhythem account by linking a music streaming profile, and 4/5 users succeeded in finding a match specific to certain musical preferences.

All users tested felt comfortable with the design and function of the prototype, and found it intuitive and learnable compared to similar apps.
Logo         42pt
Bottom Navigation
Match / Pass Buttons
Color Palette
High Fidelity Mockups
Type Treatment
Linking existing music streaming profiles (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music) to import music data.

Searching for other users based on favorite shared artists, songs, or albums.

Viewing the type of music events (concert, festivals, jazz bars, etc.) a user likes to attend.

Low Fidelity Wireframes


With the assistance of designers and software developers, my team and I are looking forward to conducting further user research, and eventually bringing a minimum viable product launch of Rhythem for the App Store and Google Play.

An MVP for iOS and Android...

Next Steps                         

Based on our user data and research, our team decided to focus on specific features that would improve upon elements of current available dating apps. We also designed for features that would enable users to import music streaming data from external apps in order to use music related filtering options that were unique to Rhythem.