Access.Able was a part of a 2 week design sprint in which my team and I researched new opportunity spaces to make traveling a more inclusive experience for people who identify with a disability, an often underrepresented demographic.

Karina Silva // UX Designer
Kent Brown // UX Designer
Team scrum master, User research, UI development, Prototyping,
User testing

My team

My role

Design a concept app that could utilize real time updates and community generated content to create a more inclusive and empowering travel experience for users who identify with a disability.



Our team interviewed 5 individual users who either identified as having a disability, or having a close relationship to someone with a disability.

The goal of this was to discover how well users were able to currently obtain accessibility information regarding public spaces, and unexpected roadblocks encountered when traveling while with a disability, or with an individual with a disability.
The following are key insights extracted from interviews with 5 potential users.

Key Features              

Our team prioritized designing these following features, based off the
feedback and insights from our user interviews.
Users can customize the coloration,
line weight, and size of text on the
screen for ease of reading.
Users can personalize the alerts sent to them by creating an account. The information curated will reflect whatever conditions or needs are specified by the user.
Users are able to review a particular location, attraction, or establishment, and leave comments regarding their observations or experiences.


Community Post Page
Tower of London Page
Local Home Page

Additional Features      

These are additional features V2 that were considered in order enhance the experience of Access.Able

Usability Testing              

Below are the results of the initial round of usability testing using our high fidelity prototype.

Each of the 5 users tested were given two main tasks:

• Go to the 'Tower of London' page from the home screen
• Leave an update about a new wheel chair ramp installation on the live community map